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Recent photos and videos below.

"Link" is an F2 Bengal kitten.  This means he is more closely related to the Asian Leopard Cat than your average Bengal kitten.  His grandfather is an Asian Leopard Cat!
His exceptionally good looks are inherited from the ALC.  Notice his exotic features: Beautiful Markings, Rosetted Spots, Whited Stomach, Very thick tail, Rounded Ears, Striking Facial Markings.
He's currently living at our Luxury Boarding Facility - where he gets to meet and interact with many people and see a variety of cats.  This gives him many opportunities for socialization.  He's a very friendly guy! 
Link loves to be held and carried around - and he purrs the whole time.
He's also an expert on the cat wheel - he runs full speed - it's so fun to watch him!
Just today he started learning to fetch - he's a smart little guy.
His favorite treats are freeze dried minnows.
He has perfect litter box habits, eats like a champ, and loves to interact and play.
Link is Vaccinated, Wormed & TICA Registered.
Included with purchase are a Pedigree, Health Record & Katznjamr Booklet.
Collage of Link's Videos and Photos Below.

Below are photos & videos of some of our previous F2 kittens with their families.



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