Kittens go to their new homes at around 12 weeks of age, vaccinated and accompanied with a health record, pedigree, registration, our informative Katznjamr Booklet, detailed Guidelines for the First Weeks and a sales contract with five year health guarantee.

Katznjamr kittens are usually priced from $3500 - $4500 if they are being sold as pets.

Kittens sold with breeding and show rights start at $6000.


High Quality Bengals are not inexpensive, you generally get what you pay for.


You will find Bengal kittens priced lower, but in most cases, they will not have the bright colors and vivid markings that you see on Bengals pictured on websites and in magazines. 

Breeders that are consistently producing stunning kittens have taken many years to reach this point.  It requires a depth of knowledge, a good eye for quality, a solid understanding of Bengal genetics and a vision.


There is considerable expense and time involved in raising quality Bengal kittens, more than most people realize. 


Our Bengal kittens are individually evaluated and priced accordingly.  Those that meet the Bengal standard, have the best markings, pattern, coloration, conformation, and personality are our top quality Bengal kittens and therefore the most expensive.

To be placed on our waiting list:


1. Fill out our Kitten Application

2. Next send us an email or give us a call,

3. If you are a good match for one of our kittens, you may then place your deposit.


A non-refundable $300 deposit will hold your kitten.


We do not reserve or hold kittens without a deposit.