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A Central Texas Bengal Cattery with the Highest Standards.



Established 1996

Quality Bengal Kittens For Sale in Georgetown, Texas.

Our Bengal cattery is just a conversation away from Austin, Texas.

Visit our available kittens page to find your special kitten and learn when litters are expected.


Happiness is a cat.

Chase it and it will elude you,

it will hide.

But sit and peacefully do your work,

live your life

and show your love,

and it will silently come to you

and curl itself upon your feet.


We have been raising Bengal cats since 1996. 

We've produced champions through supreme grand champions,
regional and international winning Bengals.


Our Bengal cats reside in South Africa, Brazil, Canada, France, Australia, the Netherlands.​..


We pride ourselves on the health, temperament and cutting edge beauty of our Bengals.




Member of TICA's Responsible Breeder Program since 1997

Produced #1 Spotted Bengal - IW SGC Katznjamr's Inkosi

A TIBCS Breeder of Distinction for over a decade

TIBCS Board Member 1999-2003

Two Time Recipient - TIBCS Bengal Breeder of the Year

TIBCS Member's Choice Awards Best Bengals

Organized First Bengal HCM Clinic in Texas

Owner - Whiskers Luxury Cat Boarding

CFA Bengal Standard Group Member

Moderator of the Bengal Media Archives

Member of TIBCS Bengal Bulletin Committee

Chairperson of TIBCS Education Committee

Member of the Bengal Cat Genetics Trustee Committee

Member of the TIBCS Legislative Committee

Member of The International Cat Association (TICA) since 1996

TICA Bengal Breed Section Member since 1996

Member of The International Bengal Cat Society (TIBCS) since 1996

Kovu is our number one family member. Couldn't have found a better Breeder for our beloved kitty!

— Marie Ivory

This cat has become such a big part of our family. She loves unconditionally, adores the kids and wants to be right with them. My husband has never had a pet and she soon worked her way right into his heart. 

— Allison Goldsmith