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Letter to My New Family

Katznjamr Cattery Visit - It's a match!

Thank You for letting me share your home. I’m going to be your new Best Buddy.

I am a Bengal kitten.

I have only been on this earth twelve weeks and hope you will be patient and help me to learn how to get along and fit in. I am missing my Mom, other human family members, and familiar sights, sounds, and smells right now so I need a little extra love and attention from you. I am so confused and have no idea where I am, how I got here, and where my Mom went?

I have been using a litter box for about eight weeks and need help to remember where you have put my new litter box. Would you mind putting a couple of extra litter boxes close by for a few weeks so when I have to go I don’t have to look too far to find my litter box? The best litter for me is Cat Attract (Petco, Petsmart, I love this litter because it smells good, clumps great, and won’t hurt me if I get it in my mouth.

This is kind of private but I think you need to know. You know how when some people travel they do not use that white litter box with water for a day or so? Well, I may be the same way so don’t worry if I do not use the litter box for the first 24 hours. Just keep showing it to me as a reminder.

I would appreciate it if you could scoop at least twice a day, as I am very clean and do not like to step in dirty litter. I want my feet clean when I jump in your lap or on your bed to snuggle.

If you have to leave me for several hours please put me, my litter box, toys, bed, food and water in a smaller room so I will be safe, and also so that I remember where to find the litter box easily.

Don’t forget to pick me up, hug me and tell me where you are going and when you will be back. That will make us both feel better.

Did you know that I have a lot of energy and am very curious? I love to climb and jump as high as I can because I have a lot of muscles that need to be developed.

My breed is one of the most intelligent of all breeds of cats. People tell me all the time that I am as smart as a dog. Well, I think I am smarter than most dogs and other cats.

Like you, I need love and attention every day. I need fresh food and fresh water every day to grow up to be a happy, healthy, well adjusted cat. I also need a lot of patience and kindness in order to develop into a loving, trusting, outgoing Bengal cat.

I promise to help you get a little exercise by letting you get on the floor with me with a teaser or stuffed mouse. You gotta be careful not to leave the teaser out for me to play with by myself. My Mom told me when she was a kitten that she heard about another kitten that choked on a teaser that was left out and became very ill. I know you do not want that to happen to me.

I can also teach you to fetch if you throw me a small toy.

I also would love for you to pet me and tell me how wonderful I am every day. If I could talk I would tell you that you are special to me.

Thank you for being so understanding – I really look forward to being your new “Best Buddy”.

My favorite food was my Mom’s milk (I sure miss her snuggles, purrs, and licks!!!) Now I eat canned cat food and Raw or Freeze Dried Raw Nuggets, and even some lightly boiled chicken. My mom told you how bad dry food is for me - so thank you for not feeding it.

These are the foods I am used to, so please do not feed me other food right now. It may upset my stomach. I need as little change right now as possible. Everything is so new to me here.

I can’t wait to hear what name you have picked for me. The more you tell me my name, the sooner I will remember it.

I am so looking forward to being a forever part of the family. I will always need your love and care.

I know you have feelings just like I do. So I promise to give you unconditional love and a lifetime of ENTERTAINMENT!

-- Your New Bengal Kitten

*** Thank you, Cassie Hale, for sharing your original letter with us. ***

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