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Rate Your Bengal Cat Breeder

Katznjamr Kitten

Your breeder should answer YES to each question:

1. Does the breeder allow you to visit the cattery – and not meet you somewhere?

2. Do the adults and kittens appear to be well groomed and healthy? Eyes, ears, nose, and rear clean?

3. Are the kittens active and playful?

4. Are the living areas where the adults and kittens spend their time roomy, fresh, clean and well-maintained? Do they have windows and fresh air?

5. Does the breeder allow you to meet the kitten’s parents?

6. Does the breeder provide a health record for the kitten? Vaccinations? Worming? Feeding and Care Guidelines?

7. Is the breeder aware of the potential genetic problems associated with the breed?

8. Does the breeder provide you with a pedigree and registration papers at time of purchase if early spayed/neutered – or else upon proof of spay/neuter?

9. Does the breeder provide you with a written contract and health guarantee that is at least three years long?

10. Does the breeder feed the kittens a high quality "premium" brand canned or raw food – and little or no dry food?

11. Does the breeder insist that the kittens be at least 12 weeks before being placed?

12. Does the breeder seem happy that you are asking questions?

13. Does the breeder ask you questions and/or ask you to fill out a kitten questionnaire or application?

14. Does the breeder sell all pet kittens with a contract requiring they be spayed or neutered?

15. Will the breeder be available to offer advice and support for as long as you have the cat?

16. Did the breeder go over some of the challenges some may have with the breed – such as the activity level?

17. Is the breeder a member of a major cat registry, such as The International Cat Association (TICA) or the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA)?

18. Is the breeder concerned enough about the welfare of the cat to promise to take it back (no matter how old) if you can't keep it? (Not reimburse you, the purpose is to avoid the shelter and ensure good placement)

19. Does the breeder only breed one breed? Maybe two – but certainly no more than two!

20. Does the breeder appear knowledgeable about the breed, easily answering questions about health, history, temperament, pedigree, feeding, housing, exercise, litter box, etc.???

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