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Beautiful Bengal Cat Explores the Canadian Wilderness with Gorgeous Travel Photos

Felines are known for their aversion to water, but the Bengal cat breed often breaks these stereotypes. With a love of the outdoors, they feel at home exploring nature—including lakes and streams. One Bengal kitty named Suki is no exception to this. Her popular Instagram is full of gorgeous shots of her and her human, Martina Gutfreund, taking in the Canadian wilderness and its boundless beauty.

Suki, with her typical “wild cat” Bengal markings, is clearly a photogenic companion. She’s calm and poised, whether that’s traveling in her U-Pet carrier or sitting on a rock overlooking a lake. Land or water, it makes no difference to Suki.

The adventurous feline is the queen of the world standing at the end of a row boat. “[Suki] is leash trained, loves car rides, goes camping, goes canoeing, loves water, goes hiking, and does just about everything that a dog can do,” Gutfreund told Bengal Cats. “Kitties are capable of a lot more than they have been given credit for!”

Gutfreund and her partner have worked on leash training Suki, and the discipline allows them to go on hikes through British Columbia and Alberta. “Suki’s favorite hike ever was in Johnston Canyon in Banff, Alberta,” Gutfreund recalled. “Nearly the whole trail consists of boardwalks suspended on cliffs with a rushing river in the canyon below… pretty much her paradise.”

Suki is a Bengal cat whose sense of adventure rivals any dog.

Together with her humans, she hikes the Canadian wilderness.

Be it trails…

… or water, she loves it all.

Suki the Cat: Instagram | Facebook

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